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Course Description Management Time Non-Management Time
EEO, An Overview Includes overviews of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), and the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Individual state FEPA laws can be included if requested. 6 Hours 3 Hours
Sexual Harassment Includes the entire do's and don'ts of sexual harassment and includes an overview of all the recent U.S. and/or State Supreme Court rulings. The additional time for management is used to discuss management liability regarding sexual harassment. Note: The course as taught to managers or supervisors only. 4 Hours 3 Hours
General Harassment This course not only discusses sexual harassment, but also does include all the other prohibited types of harassment as well as a segment on non-discriminatory "Bullying". 3 Hours
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) This course covers all of the relevant areas of the ADA as well as all of the recent U.S. and/or State Supreme Court rulings. 3 Hours
Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) This comprehensive course covers all of the relevant areas of the ADEA as well as all of the recent U.S. and/or State Supreme Court rulings. 2 Hours
Equal Pay (EPA) This comprehensive course covers all of the relevant areas of the EPA and any recent U.S. or State Supreme Court rulings, if any. 2 Hours
Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII) This comprehensive course covers all of the relevant areas of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, (referred to as Title VII), and all recent U.S. or State Supreme Court rulings, if any. 2 Hours
Cultural or Workplace Diversity This course will help participants become more effective in dealing with employees who have different cultural backgrounds and languages and how these challenges are dealt with on a daily basis. This course also covers the laws involving the "English Only" rules and is generally designed to fit the individual needs of the company. 4 Hours
Documentation and Record Keeping This course insures that the company will comply with all record keeping provisions of external agencies, such as Immigration, EEOC, FEPA, Wage & Hour, Department of Labor, and other regulatory agencies. This course also covers the necessity of documenting employee's files and what is to be documented. 3 Hours
New Supervisor Orientation This course provides instruction and direction as to what new supervisors need and are required to know regarding internal and external rules and regulations, as established by the company as well as relevant state and federal laws that supervisors must comply with. 8 Hours
E-mail Usage This course provides instruction on the do's and don'ts of E-mail usage. The management course includes provisions of how E-mail can be controlled and what rights the employer has or does not have. 3 Hours 2 Hours
Mediation, an Overview This course provides an overview of mediation and helps teach managers, supervisors or employees on how to recognize situations or conflicts that can best be resolved through the mediation. This course will also teach staff how to avoid costly and lengthy litigation by use of the mediation process. 8 Hours 8 Hours
Dealing With Conflict Surveys show that managers now spend about 20 percent or more of their time attempting to resolve conflicts. According to Human Resource professionals, poor work attitudes are often more harmful than incompetence. When there is gossip, misdirected anger or a lack of commitment in the workplace, problems will arise. Conflict management skills teach employees to work through conflicts on their own.
Conflict Management Skills for Management Management level training includes leadership skills, providing discipline without punishment, dealing with change and team-building. All participants will be given a personal assessment to determine their style of dealing with conflict.
Workplace Violence Prevention and Crisis Management Workplace violence is a reality that cannot be ignored. This workshop will focus on what to look for as telltale signs of potential violence and how to defuse the situation rather than escalate the problem. This workshop will also focus on how the work force must be prepared for the worst if unpredictable violence does erupt and crisis management when disruption and violent behavior is present.
How To Prepare For Mediation This course teaches participants how mediators think and the different styles of mediation so that the participant and the mediator are on the same track. This course will teach you how to go under to opposite side's radar and break an impasse to the mediation. The participants will be taught how to think creatively by exploring innovative and unconventional resolutions.
How To Prepare For Arbitration This course teaches participants to understand the arbitration process, how arbitrators think and what they look for, how to submit evidence and facts, how to evaluate the strengths and weakness of a case to determine the company's exposure. This course also teaches the participants the best methods of exploring settlement before, or after, arbitration without looking desperate.
Conducting Neutral Fact-Finding This workshop incorporates active listening, effective communication skills, as well as prevention techniques to help eliminate or minimize the risk of lawsuits. This workshop is designed to teach Human Resource professionals how to conduct neutral fact-findings so that they are timely, thorough and meet legal requirements. This workshop will be interactive and hands-on. Participants will learn how to interview in a non-threatening manner, the art of asking questions and how to deal with sensitive issues. Learn what to say and what not to say during an interview, how to assess credibility and how to write a neutral report.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) As An Affirmative Business Strategy This workshop explores how to turn conflict into an opportunity to build business. Step negotiations, conciliation, mediation and arbitration are examples of effective ADR processes. Understanding these different ADR models allows the participant to implement all or part of each model as needed. This workshop effectively demonstrates how ADR can save time, money and relationships for companies. Emphasis's can be placed on employee/employer disputes, intra and inter-regional disputes, customer complaints or other specific needs of the company.
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