PCG prides itself on being proactive and qualified to investigate allegations of discrimination including sexual harassment. Every California company or organization with 5 or more employees must realize they have certain responsibilities as it relates to the anti-discrimination laws enforced by the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) or Fair Employment Practice Agencies in other states. Other states may vary with the number of employees required for jurisdiction. If the employer has 15 or more employees, regardless of which state they are located in, jurisdiction falls within the purview of the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

An investigation conducted by one of the regulatory agencies can have a very negative impact on an employer, both in terms of the money expended on the investigation, the time the regulatory agencies take to complete the case, the disruption of business services and the morale of the employees during the investigation.  PCG investigations meet all of the standards established in the standards set forth by the Fair Employment Practice Agencies and the EEOC.

Sexual harassment cases are the most difficult cases to investigate for most employers. Knowing whether a case is a quid pro quo or a hostile work environment case often can be difficult to determine. Sexual harassment cases often create problems for employees that are close to but are not involved in the allegations. Rumors and/or counter allegations are often devastating for the work unit. Another problem the employer faces is timeliness. Federal law states that “an employer must take immediate corrective action.” California’s Cotran ruling has made it clear that investigations conducted by outside organizations carry a weight on the courts decision than investigations conducted internally.

PCG has the skills, abilities, expertise and experience to conduct internal investigations and maintain confidentiality for all parties concerned. PCG’s motto is “get in, get it done, and get out“. This method helps minimize the adverse impact on the immediate staff as well as the overall workforce. This method also helps reduce the overall cost of an investigation while also helping save the company valuable time. PCG’s on-site investigations usually take less than five days, with the overall completion of the investigation being done in approximately seven to ten days unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise. It is typical for company initiated internal investigation to take six months or longer to complete. When an investigation is conducted by one of the regulatory agencies generally it will take from one to three years for them to issue a finding on the merits on the case.

If requested PCG can also help prepare a company’s defense and will assist in representing the company before a regulatory agency if needed.

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