Why Conduct an PCG Audit?

Why should an organization audit its personnel administration, discrimination policies, employment policies, and benefits? The answer is simple – to remain competitive. If you are not retaining excellent employees, discharging poor performers, reducing discrimination claims, reducing the cost of benefits, offering benefits to attract excellent employees, and efficiently responding to the litigation that does occur, you are spending money needlessly. The upward spiral of these costs demands continuing evaluation. Any company desiring to remain competitive and reduce its costs should start with an audit.

Benefits of Your PCG Audit

The audit will reveal:

  • The effectiveness of your personnel department
  • Whether you have taken adequate steps with regard to discrimination
  • Whether you communicate effectively with employees
  • Whether your benefits are too expensive
  • Whether your benefits comply with a variety of laws
  • Whether your benefits attract employees
  • Whether your pay scale is properly administered
  • Whether you are prepared for employment litigation
  • Whether you retain the right records
  • Whether you effectively use your attorney
  • Whether your treatment of employees is consistent
  • Whether you anticipate problems or only react to them

The completed audit will be organized by topics such as personnel administration, equal opportunity, employment, employee development, termination, communication, benefits, discipline, salary, safety, and litigation.

Once we have identified the areas needing work, we will need to place them in some priority and devise a method to follow up on your plans for implementation. In other words, having decided to revise a policy or to communicate a policy change, you must make sure that the revision or communication actually occurs.

Please do not overlook the fact that your business and your workforce may vary substantially from others. By the completion of this audit you will have determined where you are and we will have addressed the questions concerning where you want to go.

The most important step of the audit will be implementing your decisions. <span class=”pcg-font”>PCG</span>. will offer a plan to help you design and implement the desired changes, whether it is writing your employee handbook, furnishing the appropriate forms for implementation, or delivering staff training.

Please keep in mind that once you have completed the audit, it will serve as a guide to enable you to analyze your organization from an employment perspective. The workplace is now extremely dynamic and because of the rapid changes in culture, the law, and benefits, you should consider a routine annual audit.

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